Burberry Canvas Nova Check Crossbody Bag in Brown official sale d8b66842

Burberry Canvas Nova Check Crossbody Bag in Brown official sale d8b66842

Burberry Canvas Nova Check Crossbody Bag in Brown

Burberry (Bo Baili) has 160 years of history, is a famous brand with a strong British style, has become a luxury, quality, innovation and the eternal classic pronoun...

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Bill O'Reilly Lies And People Listen Bill O'Reilly's propaganda is insidious in its potential to become part of a false narrative.

Bill tells a lie and his audience, many of them older folks who were raised to believe whatever their family or religious "father" figure said, believe it. And what makes it worse is that Bill is actually so delusional that he believes in the veracity of his own statements. He actually said ready for it that he always goes on "provable facts, not speculation." But on Monday, Bill claimed, during a "disturbing" piece which was a not so thinly veiled attack on the transgendered, that a Wisconsin school's cross dressing day was originated by the school "pinhead" teachers as part of an effort to curb bullying. Sorry to say (no, I'm not) that Bill lied because the event was developed by the student council as part of school spirit week. And like a virus, Bill's lie spread out to "the folks," one of whom parroted back Bill's lie in her statement of agreement with him. As cause and effect, it was brilliant. As fact, not so much! On Tuesday night's "Factor," during the part where Bill reads viewer e mail, he read the following from Dr. Daria Schooler in Columbus, Indiana: "Adam Carolla was right that the gender bending program in a Milwaukee elementary school was bullying against students and their parents. Promoting gender identity to little children is a progressive tactic to encourage alternate lifestyles." Fact Check THERE WAS NO GENDER BENDING PROGRAM. The event was originally billed as "Gender Bender Day" and then changed to "Switch It Up Day." THE TEACHERS WEREN'T RESPONSIBLE for this non existent "bullying" gender identity "promotion." It was thought up by the student council (Obviously part of the "gay agenda.") But more than being factually incorrect, Dr. Schooler's comment underscored the effectiveness of Bill's propaganda which aimed at reinforcing the homophobic bigotry of those who think that public school anti bullying programs are really a way to bully good Christian kids who know that God hates fags. Bill's subliminal message, about evil "alternate lifestyles," adeptly hit the target audience. After Bill read another e mail from a pre school worker who said that the school kids enjoy dressing in the clothing of the opposite gender, Bill gave us a taste of his contempt for the transgendered which he has shown on other occasions: "Little kids can do that, but once you get into 10 and 11, I don't think that should be happening." So yeah, burberry official store Bill O'Reilly is a real facts guy. Ya think! I didn see Van Suckup but I wouldn be surprised at all. To repeat my point. Anyone could see the potential for abuse (NSA / Patriot Act / TSA / Homeland Security Dept.) And the wingnutz were the first bitchin about their babies on no fly lists because of their names. They were bitchin about gran getting groped as part of just routine process. How did those draconian measures get passed? In the name of YOUR SAFETY. It is unprofessional for Bill to blame teachers and not even bother getting information. However he may have even had the correct information and chose not to report it. He apparently worked on O show. He claimed that O staff were constantly trying to correct his factual errors, but that Bill simply would not accept the legitimacy of burberry outlet italy facts that differed from his beliefs. Its sad that so many older people are taken in by this lying narcissist. But these people have had plenty of opportunity to discover the depth of Bill lies and seem to prefer Bill false reality to the one the rest of us live in. They should not expect us to respect this choice. A bit off topic. mAnn Coulter was with Sean Hannity bitching about the NSA / Patriot Act spying on Americans. What burberry outlet review she and KKKlownnity are not saying is the whole phucked up program started under Chimperor Dumbo Bush. Back when uttering an unpleasant word about El Supremo Dumbo was equal to treason. I had this sort of conversation back then. The wingnutz were all blah blah blah Sean Hannity your are siding with the terrorists blah blah blah if you have nothing to hide blah blah blah the president is trying to keep us safe. My point is, Billdo, Sean Hannity, and mAnn Coulter bray like the stuck pigs they are trying to hurt President Obama.

They, Billdo, Sean Hannity, and mAnn Coulter go with their stupid braying and the Fox arse lickers say Well. burberry summer sale It is not a news show. It is an opinion show.

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