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Bill O'Reilly Comes Up With Two Witnesses Who Say Navy SEAL Punched Jesse Ventura Chalk up Bill O'Reilly as the latest Fox News personality who has hastily cast his vote for Chris Kyle, the Navy SEAL sniper who told O'Reillylast week that he once punched Jesse Ventura a claim Ventura vehemently denies.

Unlike Fox News' The Five hosts, at least O'Reilly came up with some evidence to support his conclusion. But it's not like anyone bothered to do any real digging. In fact, it looks a lot like someone from Fox got the names of two of Kyle's buddies and when they confirmed Kyle's account, that was all they cared about. Investigating a guest claiming to have punched the former governor of Minnesota? Not nearly as important as, say, discovering why aholiday gift room of an elementary school in Massachusetts prefers non Christmas items. Last night (1/13/12), O'Reilly promised in a tease that he'd "present the evidence so you can decide" whether Kyle or Ventura was telling the truth. In fact, he stuck the "evidence" in his "Dumbest Things of the Week" segment near the end of the show. Before he got to Kyle and Ventura, we learned about a Colorado senior who wanted to use a topless photo as her yearbook picture. O'Reilly never explained what was so dumb about Kyle or was it Ventura? Instead, O'Reilly played a clip of Kyle saying he punched Ventura followed by a clip of Ventura saying it never happened. "So who do you believe?" O'Reilly asked. "Well, we investigated. Now there are two eyewitnesses, two SEALS." O'Reilly named one of them. "He says that Kyle knocked (Ventura) down. And another SEAL who's on active duty didn't want his name used, and he said this is true that because Ventura said bad things about the Navy SEALs, that Kyle knocked him down. Now, both of these men are friends of Kyle's." So did anyone ask Ventura for witnesses or check with the bar owner, as Ventura suggested? It does not appear to be the case. Nevertheless, O'Reilly said, "But I tend to believe Kyle's telling the truth I think he is." One of O'Reilly's guests was Greg Gutfeld, one of the co hosts of The Five who had responded to Ventura's demand for a retraction by calling him"a giant boob." Gutfeld was more restrained this time, saying it was ironic that Ventura, a 9/11 Truther, was now in a position of having to prove something isn't true. But O'Reilly's other guest, Arthel Neville, immediately hopped on the Ventura sneering bandwagon. She announced, "I tend to believe the Navy SEAL in this story," (of course, Ventura is a former SEAL as well, which nobody mentioned). Then like so many of her Fox News colleagues, she suggested that Ventura deserved to get decked. "If Mr. Ventura is anti war, that is his prerogative but you can't go popping off at the mouth about it to Iraqi vets." Ventura denies he mouthed off, too, but if anyone knew that, they didn't think it worth mentioning. "We're not justifying anything that happened, we just want to know what happened," O'Reilly burberry outlet t shirt claimed. Meaning, apparently, he wanted to know what happened without doing much to find out. Having one named source was enough, even if he wasn't exactly objective, O'Reilly concluded. "Then we gotta go with that," he said. Nobody thought it worth pointing out that Kyle's new book is published by a sister company to Fox News. It may well be that Kyle actually did punch Ventura. But this little charade of an investigation did little to nothing to persuade me. It hasn't done much to enhance Fox News' credibility either. again, with this Salisbury cat Salisbury own words, from a KQRS radio talk show: it interesting. It was probably about six months before the election there in Minnesota. I was watching TV. I was watching Comedy Central and they did a piece on Jesse Ventura at his horse farm with his wife. And he was talkin like a Navy SEAL. He was talkin about, was a Navy SEAL, let me tell ya about Navy SEALs, they don wear underwear. Well, that true. And, I was taken by the guy. I talked to my son, who said, yeah, he a pro wrestler. so, I write for an alternative newsweekly out here, the San Diego Reader, so I thought, well I do a celebrity profile on Jesse Ventura, and it was going to be positive. But as I began to investigate and talk to guys, they said guy wasn a SEAL, he was in Underwater Demolition Team (UDT) 12. And so then the piece became investigative. And I interviewed people who had been both SEALs and in Underwater Demolition Team 12 with Jesse who was then James Janos and they said the guy wasn a SEAL, and he wasn in Vietnam as a SEAL. Ventura may have made some inferences to being in combat in a Playboy magazine interview when he said, in 1999, he didn hunt deer. not really hunting, he told Playboy. prefer when the opposition can shoot back " that hunting. I just tell you this: Until you hunted man, you haven hunted yet, Ventura told Anderson. you need to hunt something that can shoot back at you to really classify yourself as a hunter. You need to understand the feeling of what it like to go into the field and know your opposition can take you out. Not just go out there and shoot Bambi. Possibly, this could have been interpreted by some as an inference to being in combat. Jim: Underwater Demolition Team. Ullmer is just splitting hairs here UDT has been part of the SEALs for decades, and UDTs who left before the merge burberry official website usa are allowed to be considered a buy burberry prorsum online SEAL, as long as they acknowledge they pre merge UDT when asked to be specific. Ventura never had a problem saying he pre merge UDT when asked what outfit. Why it so who sells burberry important we call him a UDT all of a sudden is almost as retarded as the people who thought his service was exempt from the soldiers and veterans! line just because he served in office as an independent. Only when Billdo is making them, wrapping his falafel on the flag with a dose of Navy SEAL and presenting the gotta be f ing kidding his sheep. At best, Billdo is jerking off again singing starts and stripes. At worst, Billdo is suggesting the other moron, Kyle, was justified because Ventura was bad things about the SEALs will be soon delivering his jingoistic propaganda, er, show from North Korea. The time for is past Kyle has had how long for them to step forward? And forgive me if I think this sounds coached. According to his original story, the police were already showing up when he hit Ventura, so where the police report for that? Was Ventura arrested for (or at least cited with) disorderly conduct? Even if he was just escorted out, there will be a report for that. same as if an APB was put out on Kyle for the punch or fleeing the scene. Kyle was still active military in 2006.

Where his military review for the incident? It doesn matter how much they supported him punching Ventura, the military and the police are required to inform each other of non military crimes involving active soldiers. Example: The military has to report spousal abuse to the police because they can intervene legally. Which brings me to my next point where the evidence of their reviews for allowing him to run? Where the interview documents of why no one just escorted Ventura out before it got that far? Ventura was disturbing a wake if this is true, they could have just shown him the door or had someone else do it.

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