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Burberry Giant Check Exalted Shawl GS4004 clearance 465798Cg

Burberry Giant Check Exalted Shawl GS4004

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Bill O'Reilly Now Calls For Boycott Of Mexico Over Immigration Move over France, Egypt, Vermont and Pepsi.

Mexico has now joined the list of Places And Things Bill O'Reilly Wants Us To Boycott. O'Reilly said in his Talking Points last night: It is time for all of us to stop going there. That country's not our friend. illegally. Mexico is allowing that to happen. Why? Because they don't really like us and they're corrupt. Add to that the Marine, Sgt. Tahmooressi, who has post traumatic stress disorder, incarcerated down there, and you have Mexican President Nieto giving us the middle finger. Well, you know what, Mr. Nieto? You know what? I am not going to your country and I am asking every American to boycott you! Because you and your government is (sic) harming the USA. Tourism in Mexico a $12 billion industry and America provides about half that. So let's stop rewarding Mexico until they stop hurting us! O'Reilly has threatened to boycott Mexico at least twice before. And, while we at it, what do you think about the little detail that he cannot as yet be allowed to return to place because his whole family is at risk of retaliation by the very people who say they respect the troops? Before you answer, however, please discount burberry coats do recall that the claims that Bergdhal was a deserter are still being nvestigated. Personally, I shall continue to consider him innocent until proven guilty on that charge. O is one of those you and that other person fight sort burberry classic shirt of guys: you know, the ones who like a good fight so long as it not him who agonna do the fighting. I do not know what happened and I have no opinion on whether his story is true or not. What is clear is that he broke Mexican law and they have every right to prosecute him. has every right to work to get him back, too and maybe they should be working more than they are, I don know. I don know enough about the facts. But for O to demand that Mexico do his bidding or else! smacks burberry head office of self interest more than any sincere interest in working to get the soldier released. Otherwise, he be probing and questioning and building a real case, not threatening and grandstanding. His own mother said he "inadvertently crossed the border through dysfunction brought on by PTSD he suffered with due to his two tours in Afghanistan. Directional dysfunction? How about a more plausible reason, he never told border agents he had weapons and he was caught trying to bring three guns into Mexico. The ol I took a wrong turn defense doesn work too well in Detroit, I guess it shouldn in TJ either. Don tell me I have to care about this guy because of Salute the Troops. I don salute the troops of Abu Grahib. I don salute the soldier who went into an Afghan village at the dead of night and murdered 12 villagers. I don salute burberry purses outlet stores unhonorable men in uniform like Oliver North. And I don salute some dumb ass ex Marine that tried to bring three weapons across another countries border, against their laws, and claim he took a wrong turn. Appreciation for America doesn mean acceptance of all actions by Americans. What shocking is most of the posters are negative towards Bill O Obviously your for him trumps your appreciation for the United States of America. I am glad I don join you w/ the hate in your heart! Bottom line O is correct. Mexico doesn care about the USA and their citizens running to America is an issue, one has to be very, very nave/ignorant not to see it. Regarding obeying their laws, absolutely American should obey their laws when we are in their country. However, our soldier made a mistake and they should send him back. Many of you I am sure have said Salute the Troops, Salute the Troops yet don really care about this guy. That a sad shame for me.

Let the kid return to his place. Regarding boycotting, it a last ditch effort. O and many others are actually worried about the USA and the future with these aliens is going to be a problem.

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