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Bill O'Reilly Insists Women's March On Washington Was Some Kind Of Sinister George Soros Plot Bill O'Reilly's attempt to delegitimize the Women's March on Washington was so ridiculous that his own Fox colleague, Charles Krauthammer, a former psychiatrist, diagnosed him as "afraid of these women" and recommended a valium.

In his Talking Points commentary last night, O'Reilly did his part to assuage his buddy Donald Trump's sensitive fee fees over his inaugurationcrowd size, surpassed by the Women's March crowd size, by arguing that the march was some kind of sinister sham. This is a largely unreported story. The woman's march over the weekend, a perfect example. That wasn't a spontaneous event. It was organized by far left groups, which received millions of dollars from the liberal activist George Soros. In fact, Soros has ties to 50 of the groups that attended the woman's march this weekend. Fifty. And according to the media research center, sources pumped $90 million into those groups. Some of the top of march organizers were members of the Obama administration, Hillary Clinton's campaign, Bernie Sanders campaign. Again, this was not some spontaneous uprising. It's a burberry factory outlet london well thought out political spectacle. Designed to denigrate the new president. Can't you just hear the gears turning in O'Reilly's head? He wants to help his BFF but can't tell Trump's brazen lies about his crowd size. So O'Reilly did the next best thing: he tried to gaslight us about the gigantic crowd sizes of the women's marches. It looks like O'Reilly got his talking points from elsewhere. Before I had a chance to write this post, I happened on a Jezebel article yesterday that referred to a Right Wing Watch post that stated: Glenn Beck opened his radio show today by attacking the media for failing to report that last weekend's massive Women's March on Washington was nothing more than an "astroturf" rally orchestrated by George Soros and radical Islamic groups. O'Reilly left out the part about "radical Islamic groups" but maybe he's just saving them for later. Fortunately for us, Krauthammer was not buying the lie. He appeared on The O'Reilly Factor immediately do burberry coats go on sale after the Talking Points. But the half a million people or so who showed up in Washington were not coming because of the waving of money or because of a bunch of groups had the funding. Look, all groups have for funding. The conservative groups, liberal groups, far left groups, big deal, that was real people showing up. My question to those real people was, where burberry cape for sale the hell were you on Election burberry stuff Day? You know? O'REILLY: But don't you feel they showed up because they were told to show up? I mean, look, if you look at the totalitarian governments in the KRAUTHAMMER: Who tells anybody to show up? KRAUTHAMMER: Yes. What is the threat? What is the threat? Why do they have to go? O'REILLY: Well, they have to go. They don't have to go to a negative, they have to go to be with her brothers and sisters and to show their solidarity and that they are good people and fight the fascist racists. I mean, it is a whip up. And if you study history, all the totalitarian regimes were fueled with whip ups, okay? And people turned out to the streets. Were they spontaneous? No. They were well organized and targeted and the target this time is Trump to get them out of there before the four years are over. KRAUTHAMMER: Look, you know, if you are talking about the fascists and the '20s and '30s, they actually took over governments, essentially by force. We are not talking about that. They, you know, when you are talking about people showing up, being whipped up, you are saying free people read the internet, they decide they sympathize with this idea or group, they get on a train, they get in a car, they cross country, they go to a demonstration. How is that different from the march on Washington in 1963? Were they swept up? Yes, by a civil rights movement. O'Reilly went on to claim that the difference between the Women's March and the civil rights movement was because "The civil rights movements in the '60s and all of the demonstrations that took place were against injustice. And "The same thing with Vietnam." As if O'Reilly would have been on the side of those protesters under a Trump regime. But Krauthammer remained unpersuaded. Finally, there was this exchange near the end of the discussion: O'REILLY: I think there's something more nefarious going on behind the scenes than you do. KRAUTHAMMER: Oh, come on. So, you are afraid of these women? O'REILLY: I'm not afraid of anybody. O'REILLY: I'm not afraid of anybody. KRAUTHAMMER: Yes, you are I would recommend less paranoia, less conspiracy, and a little relaxation. It will be okay. Krauthammer also jokingly said he'd prescribe a valium. Watch O'Reilly do his part to help the Snowflake in Chief deal with his crowd size below, from the January 23, 2017 The O'Reilly Factor. Sweetie, women found their voices 40 years ago. But they are still quite often treated as second class citizens and they are tired of it. They have every right under the Constitution as men.

A man like Donald Trump has said repeatedly that he still sees women as second class, as nothing more than sex symbols who exist solely for his pleasure. They have heard that this man wants to take away their right to proper health care. They are angry and they are afraid.

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